British Journal of Politics and International Relations

Our most recent group publication comprised of contributions to the BJPIR on the impact of national identity on the dynamics of political party competition in the UK. Our second group workshop produced some incisive material on the party dynamics of national identity after devolution. Using feedback from the workshop group members have now published their papers as articles in BJPIR.  Andy Mycock and Richard Hayton’s work considers whether there is a nascent party politics of Englishness which can accommodate the challenges of devolution. The article by Catherine McGlynn, Jon Tonge and Jim McAuley extends the debate on multi-level governance and party political competition to the usually overlooked case of Northern Ireland.

Parliamentary Affairs

In April 2010 our special edition of Parliamentary Affairs on the Politics of Britishness was published. This edition (Volume 63, Number 10) draws together a series of contributions from group members and other researchers, including Tariq Modood, Chris Bryant, Jonathan Bradbury and Jonathan Tonge.  These articles expose the assumptions and blind spots that plague debates about national identity and belonging in the UK and the edition is intended as a challenge to policy-makers, scholars and others to engage with the relationship between the differing levels of governance within which the British state is enmeshed and the ways in which multiple understandings of belonging and identity shape the political will of those who live in the UK.  A number of these articles have been hosted in shortened form on the Open Democracy website. Click here to see the article by Christopher Gifford on Eurosceptic Britishness.

Andrew Mycock and Catherine McGlynn

Open Democracy

Co-convener Andrew Mycock is a regular contributor to the Open Democracy website. Please click here for details on his Our Kingdom columns

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